Where can I get an accurate free or cheap psychic readings online? by Beth Shepherd psychic.

Md.Roman Raihan
6 min readFeb 9, 2022

I find this question fascinating. Partly because a lot of people have double standards. Sometimes someone will search and search for that very special clairvoyant who is generous enough to do free readings all day for all and sundry, yet when they are sorting out how to spend their time and their finances they would always look for the job that is paying the highest salary and prefer not to work at all otherwise. I get people writing to me expecting me to give them a cheap psychic readings online or freebie who I know earn far more than me and can easily afford to pay the fair price charged.

The thing is that nobody needs a reading, it is a luxury. Many go through the whole of their life never having ONE reading let alone hundreds like some do. You can do your own readings if you want the best of both worlds and want them without paying.

You will need a doctor, a lawyer, maybe an accountant. And because you need them you have no choice but to gather together the prices they charge and pay them. But they charge a great deal more for their time and skills than most psychics. If you can afford them how come you cannot afford the psychic who is much cheaper?

We all need food but that does not mean that a hungry person who is short of money expects to walk into a restaurant or shop and help themselves to whatever food they fancy free. If a homeless person was hoping for a free meal he would go to a cheap diner not expect one of the most expensive and luxurious restaurants to help him… and he would offer to wash up or some other form of help in return for the food.

You would not go to a minister, private doctor, private therapist or counsellor and tell them you are poor and expect free consultations from them. Why is it different with a clairvoyant? Their time is just as valuable as anyone else’s. They also need to pay bills and cover those costs with money. Psychics also want to spend time with their loved ones, enjoy their hobbies and have chores to do.

I turn away a lot of people who want to consult me because I would rather have more time than money. The idea of giving them free readings is even more ridiculous. Years ago I did do free readings and some would try to milk it, expecting me to sit on the phone for two hours at a stretch and then speak to them again later that day. They would have gobbled up all of my time and left me exhausted — with no money to live on. Some people can be very selfish.

I noticed when I began charging that my paying clients were much nicer and fairer than the ones who wanted freebies. When it was my birthday they would turn up with flowers, chocolates, cards etc as well as paying for their reading. The ones who expected to come around every five minutes for freebies would not have thought of such things. It was all about them.

If you do not think clairvoyance is worth paying for do not ask for it. That is fairer than believing it is only worth having if the reader does all of the giving and you do all of the taking!

If you are not working then maybe your first priority should be to get a job so that you can pay your way in life. You can hardly expect people to work for free so that you do not have to work at all. When I was about twenty I was very short of money and desperate for money for essentials — not luxuries. No way could I buy new clothes, go out for an evening or go to the hairdresser. I never expected anyone to contribute or give me anything for free. I did three part time jobs on top of my full time job so that I could pay my way.

If you are working then work out how to save and spend money wisely and prioritise the best ways to use it. Perhaps instead of going to the hairdresser a lot you should cut down how much you spend there so that you can afford that psychic reading you fancy? Just as the hairdresser would not do your hair for free the psychic should not be asked to do your reading for free.

You will get amateurs who have no proven track record and are not popular and busy wanting to do it, usually people who are not at all accurate or helpful, on an ego trip. But not someone you can trust to get it right. Nobody is going to cancel a paying client to fit in a free consultation, that is the same as giving you a lot of money. Nor are they going to work all day with clients who pay and then sit there in the evening working for free too. Even psychics need time off to have fun, relax and do normal things.

IF you are determined to get a free or cheap psychic reading online then go to a local person who is not that well known or professional, a dabbler and offer them some sort of deal such as you cleaning their house for them in return for a free reading. Or weeding their garden, or walking their dogs. Things that they will be too busy to do for themselves because they are generous with their time to strangers wanting to save money. Do not expect someone who has been a full time professional for years and has an office, website and staff to pay for to give you a discount or freebie, it would be unfair to them and to their nicer clients. And it would have cost them money to do the sitting for you! Save up if you want to consult someone who is more established or make do with an amateur or doing your own readings if you want it free. Even then you should swap your reading for theirs, not a one way street.

There is another point. It is impossible to be a reader who offers no charge sittings to everyone and is accurate, helpful and insightful too. I know because when I started out I offered all of my sittings at no charge. I was soon swamped with the World and it’s mother wanting to phone me and see me, some of them every day, some of them even more. Every bit of time I had was gobbled up and I could have been booked 100 hours a day 20 days a week as there were so many. I had to charge to prevent people from eating up all of my time and so that I could cover my bills. .. it was impossible to get a job that paid and do this too… not enough hours in the day. This is what happens if you do sittings free and also offer the accuracy, insight and helpfulness that proper full time professionals offer. Everyone wants a bargain. Everyone wants the best at no cost. If they are accurate, insightful and helpful then how come they are not very busy. If you charge properly and are very busy too that proves you are very good. A really good and helpful reader is busy and popular despite charging, not because they are very cheap or free.

Everyone has a moral duty not to use or take other people for granted. I love doing readings for spiritual nice people who are fair to others and treat other people the way they would like to be treated themselves. As my time is limited I focus on these.



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